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Want a second? Superbly rich, smooth and fresh coffee. You can’t resist licking your lips and ask for another cup.


Classic style

Fresh-brewed espresso, the soul of great coffee.

Café Americano
Strong and simple. Highlighting the finest nuance of the best coffee beans.
Milk and espresso. Sweet and bold. Creamy and addictive.
Café Latte
Deliciously creamy milk tinged with a shot of bold espresso.
Café Mocha
Heavenly chocolate & espresso topped with thick & smooth milk.

JoyAmaze® Function Signature Coffee

Our lip-smacking recipes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Coconut Milk Latte
Lush and frothy coconut milk with a hint of bold espresso. A truly delicious treat.
White Chocolate Mocha
The sweet indulgence of irresistible white chocolate & strong espresso.